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Frequently asked

What if I don't want an engagement session? Can I get a discount?

We build all our packages around the highlight film (the 4-7 minute video).  We have discovered that the best way to be able to create a really awesome film and have our couples comfortable with us and being in front of the camera is with a sort of "trial run". The engagement session gives us all a chance to get to know each other and helps us to create the best possible product telling not just the story of your wedding day, but your love story. We don’t offer a discount to not do the engagement session since we include it for free because it’s that big of a deal to us! 

Do you offer photography options?

We don't offer photography, but we are offering an incredible collaboration with Julie Danielle Photography so you can get the absolute best of both worlds. Click here for more information.

Do we get the raw footage?

We don't usually deliver all the footage simply because it isn't very watchable. We record on multiple devices with audio and video coming from separate sources, so it takes a good amount of editing time to make it viewable. If you want to see more than just the cinematic film, consider purchasing a package with the Speeches & Toasts and/or Ceremony & Vows films, so you can relive those moments in their entirety.

What if I don't need more hours of coverage?

We find that most of the time, 8 or 10 hours is easily enough to capture all the important stuff on your day. But, if you need more coverage (or have a wonderfully non-traditional day with an non-traditional timeline), you can purchase more coverage as an add-on to our packages.

Where are you located?

We live in Elmira, Ontario (small towns for the win!) but will travel anywhere within 50km at no extra charge. We love to venture out of the tri-city area though so invite us anywhere in Ontario, and we're down without a second thought. We're happy to travel and can chat that out with you if your wedding isn't quite so local. We are not able to travel to the United States for work at this time, but if you're a Canadian getting married in the US, we can still chat and see if we can find an exception!

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